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Meeting Your Arthroscopic Surgery Needs in Panama

Meeting Your Arthroscopic Surgery Needs in Panama

Arthroscopic surgery is a method of viewing or performing surgery on a joint by use of an arthroscope, which consists of a tube, a lens, and a light source utilizing fiber optics to visualize the surgical area.  In Panama, as elsewhere, Arthroscopic surgery is used to look inside of an ailing joint to understand the cause of your symptoms.

If you are having problems with your shoulder, for example, your surgeon may use Arthroscopic surgery to look at the tendons and Rotator Cuff for damage.  If the symptoms are in your knee or ankle, your surgeon may be using Arthroscopic surgery to discover tears in cartilages or ligaments.  In addition, he or she might be looking for pieces of bone or indications of arthritis. 

The Procedure

The arthroscope inserts into an opening about the size of a pen and uses a fiber optic camera. The Surgeon will insert the arthroscope through one or two tiny cuts around the injured joint. He or she uses it to look inside the joint and assess the exact problem.  After this procedure, your surgeon will discuss with you any further procedures you may need. The incisions will be closed with tapes or sutures.  For your surgeon in Panama, Arthroscopic surgery is the best way to get a direct view of the inside of the joint and of the tendons above, either in the ankle, knee or shoulder area.

After your surgery

After the surgeon completes your Arthroscopy, you will be taken to a recovery room where you will be gently brought out of sedation.  This is typically a restful period as you awake from your anesthetic.  Once you have recovered, you will be allowed to leave the hospital and travel to your home or hotel room because your Panama Arthroscopic surgery is complete! Now itís time to enjoy some of the pleasures and delights that Panama has to offer while you rest and recover.